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Nicholas Pell is a freelance writer based in Southern California by way of Portland, OR and Providence, RI. He covers consumer credit, retirement, mortgages, debt management and frugal living.

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How an Expensive Wardrobe Saves You Money

Sure, an expensive suit costs more upfront, but over time it pays its wearer back in dollars saved — and possibly in dollars earned....

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9 Cheapest Dates That Don't Seem So Cheap

Dinner and a movie is piricey (and also kind of played). Get creative for a romantic night out that's affordable, fun, and feels expensive!...

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Find Love With These Fun and Cheap First Date Ideas

Forget dinner and a movie. A killer first date should be about the two of you, and the world you can explore — together....

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The 5 Best Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Being swamped at work is not a badge of honor — it's a sign of inefficiency. Get more done with these smart tips....

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Stupid Credit Card Tricks: How Your Credit Card Company Lies to You

Credit card companies employ a number of tricks to keep you in debt. Learn them before you're swimming in it....

Friends 166158364 article

6 Ways to Always Have Something Interesting to Say

Never be at a loss for words with this collection of intriguing and informative sources of conversation icebreakers....

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5 Amazing, Cheap Places to Live as an Expat

Looking for adventure overseas but don't know how to afford it? These five places welcome expats, and you may even fly home with more in savings....

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5 Ways to Break Your Social Media Habit

Spending more time with your virtual community than with your real one? Discover how to limit your likes, shares, and tweets and regain control of your time....