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Nicholas Pell is a freelance writer based in Southern California by way of Portland, OR and Providence, RI. He covers consumer credit, retirement, mortgages, debt management and frugal living.

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Anarchy in Hip-Hop | VICE | United States

Hip-hop and punk were born at about the same time, in the same place, with the same rebellious and aggressive spirit; however, their fashion aesthetics have always clashed. But somewhere along the line that changed, because today’s MCs look like first wavers at CBGB....


Why Are So Many Young Puerto Ricans Leaving Home? | VICE News

For the first time in history, stateside Puerto Ricans outnumber those who remain on the island as young Puerto Ricans search for employment opportunities abroad....


Don’t Get Too Excited About the Starbucks College Deal | VICE News

The Starbucks program makes college courses more affordable for its workers, but it presents a troubling model for higher education....

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Mode | VICE | France

Mode dans les archives de VICE, l'antre des activités immorales, du journalisme d'investigation et des meilleurs documentaires du monde....


Anarquía en el hip-hop | VICE | México

Si ves a una bola de güeyes con chamarras de cuero y mohawks, podrías decir que son una boy band. Hoy en día cualquier pendejo millonario quiere verse rudo, como si olieran a whiskey y cigarro....


How Islamophobes Weaponize Pork | VICE | Canada

People have been using pork to try to intimidate or even (somehow) physically harm Muslims for centuries, and the rise of Islamophobic demagogues isn't helping....


Rising Rent Prices Are Destroying Soho’s Restaurant Scene

With rents rising as much as 50 percent in areas of central London, the city is in danger of losing iconic Soho restaurants like Quo Vadis and The French House....


Some Mexicans Celebrated Easter by Burning Effigies of Donald Trump | VICE News

The symbolic destruction of the Donald is part of a traditional Catholic or Orthodox ritual held annually on the Saturday before Easter....