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Nicholas Pell is a freelance writer based in Southern California by way of Portland, OR and Providence, RI. He covers consumer credit, retirement, mortgages, debt management and frugal living.

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The boomswagglers article

10 More Country Artists You Need to Listen To

Apparently there are a lot of real country fans out there. So many, in fact, that we decided to do another list of ten contemporary artists with that timeless country sound. It’s not all Jason Aldean and songs that sound like Nickelback with an overproduced lap steel solo. For those......

Pellllllfinal article

"Henry Rollins Saved My Life" and Other Fan Encounters

In conjunction with our cover story about Henry Rollins this week, we took to social media to ask readers a few simple questions: What has Rollins' writing meant to you? Do you have any interesting stories about meeting him? Did he somehow change your life? The responses nearly swamped our......

Romero1 1 article

Omar Romero Will Engineer Your Rockabilly Album — and Give You a Great Haircut

One of the 54 fascinating Angelenos featured in L.A. Weekly's People Issue 2015. "I've always been about getting the chicks," says Omar Romero, 32, of Altadena, a man known not just for running Vinny's, one of the best barbershops in town, but also for being one of the top rockabilly......

Napalmdeath article

Municipal Waste and Napalm Death - House of Blues - 11/15/2012

Municipal Waste and Napalm Death House of Blues Sunset Strip 11-14-2012 Better Than: Hand stitching your denim vest. The funk of sweat and cheap beer hung over the crowd. Patches covered jackets, leaving denim and leather scarcely visible underneath. Last night, Napalm Death and Municipal Waste bridged the heavy metal......

Gregginntheone thumb 480x318 article

Greg Ginn On Black Flag Nostalgia and Coachella

See also: Coachella Preview 2012: Everything You Need to Know About the Performers Greg Ginn is primarily known as the driving force and only constant member of Black Flag, which is unfortunate as he's done a lot since the Flag broke up 25 years ago. He's so tired of talking......

1005367 842038898007 1648507253 n article

R.I.P. Power House, Hollywood's Last Dive Bar

"Reach in my pocket." "Huh?" "I'm not a pervert, dude. Just reach in my pocket." I'm talking with a self-described "cripple" named Wheels, in a motorized wheelchair. He can't get his own weed, so I extract it for him, along with a pipe. Wheels is the king of Power House's back......

Black keys thumb 560x371 article

The 20 Worst Hipster Bands: The Complete List

See also: Worst Hipster Bands: We Admit It, We Were Wrong Top 20 Worst Bands Top 20 Musicians of All Time, in Any Genre Top 20 Sexiest Female Musicians World's Douchiest DJs: The Top Five Who are these hipsters we see each day in the streets, on our Tumblr feeds,......

Deathinjunemask article

Death In June - The Vex Arts - September 12, 2013

Death In June The Vex Arts September 12, 2013 Better Than: The actual death of the west. Death In June kicked off their Death of the West American tour last night at Vex Arts. The arrangements were sparse, emphasizing founding member, driving force, and native Brit Douglas P. with his......

Fugazi band e1310353816367 thumb 560x370 article

Top Five Best Post-Hardcore Records

See also: At the Drive-In Speaks At the Drive-In Interview Outtakes Refused and At The Drive-In reunited for Coachella. Now Quicksand is getting into the act, reuniting to play FYF Fest. People are nostalgic for the post-hardcore bands of yesteryear? Apparently. For those not in the know, post-hardcore grew out......

Rsz photo 2 article

Skeletonwitch and Havok - Whisky A Go Go - 10/30/2012

Skeletonwitch and Havok Whisky A Go Go 10-30-2012 Better Than: Drinking alone Top 20 L.A. Metal Albums: The Complete List The Ten Most Unreadable Metal Band Logos At the Whisky A Go Go last night the average patron was barely old enough to be out on a school night, let......

Acxdc article

Hardcore Show Cancelled Amid Arson Threats

L.A. hardcore group ACxDC was on the cover of the Weekly recently, and they got a kick out of that. But not all publicity is good publicity. After a local publication in Bend, Oregon spotlighted the powerviolence provocateurs (who practice what might be called a tongue-in-cheek Satanism) ahead of their......

Danielhall article

Heavy Rock Lives at EasyRider Records

Is rock dead? Not at EasyRider Records, Hermosa Beach resident Daniel Hall's paean to heavy metal's golden formative days. The label began pretty inauspiciously. A friend sent him a link to some heavy psych from Salem's Pot, EasyRider's first band. "I loved it," he says, "I wanted to know when......

Hirax final article

Why Are There so Few African-Americans in Metal?

Long Beach-based metal band Hirax has a unique sound, blending the galloping beats of the new wave of British heavy metal with the intensity of thrash. Katon W. De Pena's operatic and aggressive vocals lead the way. Since 1984 De Pena, who is 49, has fronted the legendary thrashers. See......

Rsz pelican over pedro 091225 article

Exclusive: Photos From Mike Watt's New Photography Book

Mike Watt mastered the art of playing the bass in punk with his group the Minutemen and kept alternative rock weird with fIREHOSE. In recent years he's been playing with Iggy Pop's band the Stooges. In his downtime, he's also a pretty-serious photographer, and his new book of photography, Mike......

Aerosmith9 article

Who Is Better, Aerosmith or the New York Dolls?

In the 1970s, two bands took the bluesy swagger of the Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds to new levels: Recent Songwriter Hall of Fame inductees Aerosmith and proto-punk titans New York Dolls. But which band reigns supreme? The comparison is hardly arbitrary. Readers of Legs McNeil's classic tome Please Kill......